Configuring UI-View

Information on configuring UI-View

  • UI-Vew Setup

    Take a look at The APRS Guidelines

  • APRS Satellites

    Latest APRS Satellite Status

    • ISS

      The International Space Station is currently running a 1200 Baud digipeater which can be used to relay your APRS position beacon. If you set your unproto to the following APRS,ARISS and tune your radio to TX/RX 145.825 Mhz when in range you should be able to access the digipeater

      Note: PCSAT and ANDE are also on this frequency

  • Meteor Mode and DX

    UI-View supports the concept of 'Meteor Mode' which is simply making the shortest packet transmission possible (The lesser the packet tones, the lesser the possible errors) to convery a location. This will generally get your beacon further than a normal latitude/longitude beacon. To set-up Meteor Mode

  • UI-View on a LAN

    Setting up UI-View on a LAN

  • Linux

    the linux penguin

    As I'm not a regular Linux user myself. The following information I have either been e-mailed (WK0C) or read on yahoogroups Linux using two different compatibility schemes. First is Win4Lin by Netraverse Software. Works flawlessly but requires a native Windows installation to be present on the box...not ideal.

    The second scheme is using a program called CrossOver by Codeweavers ( CrossOver is a big improvement on the WINE windows compatibility layer for Windows installation is required at all. UI-View has been added to CodeWeavers Linux compatibility database.

  • UI-View & FlexNet

    Flexnet can now be used in HOST mode with UI-View32. You can also use it by setting the following options you can run UI-View over a TCP/IP ax25 APRS Compatibility

    1. Tick default APRS messages APRS Compatibility
    2. Tick no UI-View extentions APRS Server Setup
    3. Setup your TCP/IP local server (for example
    4. Then use Action -> Connect to APRS Server (this will then connect via TCP/IP over ax25 if you have your Flexnet setup correctly