Configuring UI-View

Information on configuring UI-View for Meteor Mode

  • Setup

    1. Setup -> Meteor Mode Setup In the Beacon bit put your maidenhead locator mine is set to [IO82SQ] (thats my location)
    2. The unproto bit it is up to you. I have APRS,TRACE7-7
    3. Select the Inteval Box I find burst dosen't work to well
    4. Set the time interval. I normally use 360 which transmits a beacon every 6 minutes. Hence I don't leave this feature on all the time !
    5. To Enable your beacon you need to do Options -> Meteor Mode
  • Running BEACONet

    If you read the UI-View e-mail reflector you will probably have heard about this. I'm not expert on this subject and if you want more information I suggest you take a look at

    The basic idea of the system is to make the smallest packet length possible which can be used to monitor propagation conditions. To join in you need to make use of UI-View's meteor mode and implement the following format of unproto/beacon combination

    In the unproto bit of meteor mode use the following format

    Format is HY-##

    • H means HF
    • Y means 28 MHz

    ## is antenna directivity (Using the clock-face as your guide. 3=East, 9=West, 15=omni)

    In the beacon comment bit [GR##ID]

    [GR##ID] is your 6-character Maidenhead Grid locator (be sure to put it between brackets as shown) followed by an e-mail address to make QSLing easy Beacon Interval Fixed = 5

    The current transatlantic propagation monitoring frequency is 28.128 MHz USB 1200 Baud Packet