The stuff that does not fit into any other categorie

  • TH-D7 Quick Start

    If you have the lead to connect radio to PC then:

    1. Connect everything up (switched off)
    2. Set radio to TNC & Packet [TNC] twice
    3. In Setup -> Comms Setup in UI-View select host mode KISS
    4. Click Setup and Select TNC2, Thats It!

    More TH-D7 Commands...

  • Radio Mobile

    Radio Mobile is piece of software which utilises the Geospatial Engine data to produce 3D height aware maps

    Radio Mobile has UI-View support. This program will create a .inf file along side your saved map. This allows UI-View to use the created map with minimal effort Getting started in Radio Mobile - G8GTZ

  • Digi Ned

    I thought it was worth mentioning this software. DIGI_NED is a project which was aimed at producing a fully function and fully configureable digipeater which would run on any PC from as early as a 286 processor with onll 640K base memory. If your looking to set-up a dedicated digipeater this may be a cost effective solution. You can check out digi ned at the following Digi Ned Home page

    Check out the 1 disk Easy Install here 1 Disk Easy Install

  • GPS Hobbies

    The degree confluence project is a semi bizzare project to collect pictures from around the world where none fractional degrees latitiude and longitude meet. Check out www.confluence.org

    I've put together a quick program which will create a UI-View overlay showing these points in your location. Confluence UI-View Overlay Creator V1.0.0