Configuring UI-View

Information on configuring UI-View on a LAN

  • UI-View Solution

    This solution uses the out of the box features of UI-View

    1. On the packet machine go into Setup ->APRS Server Setup and tick enable local server
    2. Then on the non packet machine edit the uiview(32).ini file
    3. Add a entry into the [APRS_Servers] section for you packet machines IP address with port 1448
    4. Then start up UI-View on the non packet machine and do connect connect to aprs server
  • AGW Solution

    This solution utilises the AGW Packet engine to give you easy networking ability.

    1. Install AGWPE on the packet machine and be sure to tick the winsock interface option
    2. Next configure UI-View to connect to AGW on the packet machine otherwise UI-View will not work
    3. Once you have done this you can run UI-View on your non packet machine. To connect to the packet machine simply go into AGW setup and set host mode to the IP address of the packet machine
  • Linux Solutions By ON7LDS

    For users who have a linux-connected TNC (and windows UI-view clients)

    1. use aprsd (has some drawbacks)
    2. use ldsped, a sort of linux agwpe clone

    For more information take a look at Lieven's web page click the ldsped link