Addon UI-View and UI-View32

Addon's which can be used with UI-View and UI-View32

  • UI-Path32

    APRS UI path analysis works with either UI-View, AGW or UI-View32

    • Displays the min, max and average DX distance
    • Displays the current packet level
    • Records individuals transmission received over 24hr period
    • Propagation Monitor determins normal, moderate and strond DX conditions
    • DX Spots captured from RF or Direct Internet DX Cluster and plotted
    APRS digipeater paths
    • Records the shortest digi path to a station
    • Calculates distance to a station as the crow flies
    • Calculates distance to a station via digipeaters
    • Paths are saved automatically into a database for later use
    Maps and Routes
    • UI-Path32 reads maps designed for use with UI-View
    • Interfaces directly with UI-View32 to use maps available to it.
    • Shows the path between stations
    • Shows all stations heard direct for a specific station
    • Shows all stations with all links
    • Produce digipeater coverage maps
    External programs
    • Start a application after a specified DX distance has been reached
    • Export stations to a autoroute compatible pin file
  • UI-Path32 screenshot