Addon Miscellaneous

The stuff that does not fit into any other categorie

  • APRS Events

    30 Mar 08

    Gives you the ability to automatically announce events (such as radio rallys) in the local area. Once configured these announcements will be sent automatically over APRS during the specified time window (Requires AGW) main screen

  • APRS Filter Wizard

    27 Jan 08

    A GUI wizard for creating the javAPRS filter commands (includes visual plug-in to UI-View32). Implements Filter Guide V3.1 main screen

  • OT:Quick LogBook

    13 Sep 03

    This is not APRS related although it will plot your logged stations on a UI-View formatted map. main screen and tell me more

  • UI-Drafts

    02 Mar 02

    2 player drafts via a packet radio link utilising UI frames and digipeaters main screen and tell me more