Addon AGW, UI-View32 or Internet

Addon's which work with AGW, UI-View32 or APRS Internet Server

  • UI-Instant Messenger

    03 Oct 07

    Lightweight and simple message client for APRS. Connect to either AGW, UI-View32 or Internet APRS Server main screen

  • UI-DX Bridge

    26 Dec 04

    This add-on allows you to gate DX Spots and WWV announcements from an internet DX Cluster onto RF main screen and tell me more

  • UI-NetActive

    03 Feb 04

    This add-on highlights (and optionally auto configures your IGATE) those stations which are more likely to be sitting at the keyboard within the last 10 minutes main screen and tell me more

  • UI-WayPoint

    21 July 01

    Be tracked mobile without a GPS, ok well it not quite that clever. But what this does do is allow you to define the route you are going to travel and use remote commands from a APRS equiped mobile set-up to instruct Waypoint to start, stop or reverse the pre-defined route you are taking main screen and tell me more