UI-View/32 FAQ

This page contains a collection of frequently asked questions and answers taken (mostly) from the software support group ui-view@yahoogroups.com

  • Winpack.fon error ?

    WINPACK.FON is an ASCII, fixed pitch font provided with every full installation of UI-View(16) and UI-View32. It is called WINPACK.FON because I originally made it for use with WinPack. If you do not have it, then there are three possibilities -

    1. You have deleted it.
    2. Something nasty on your PC has deleted it.
    3. You have never installed a full version of UI-View32 (assuming you are still using UI-View32).
  • Disable things like UI-Path32 on start-up ?

    This is controlled by the .XTR file in the UI-View32 folder. Look in help for XTR.

  • Setting up Kenwood TS-2000 in KISS mode ?

    Don't use a cmd file. Use KISS it works fine. Setup as below : I have my comms speed (menu 56) set to 9600

    I use the Sub-Txcvr for UI-View (Packet is set up for the sub on the TS-2000 by default). The only thing you need to do on the TS-2000 is set the correct frequency (144.800 for we Europeans but I think you guys in the US use 144.390) and set menu 55 (packet operation) to 'ON'.

    In UI-View go to Setup - Comms Setup and set :

    1. Baud Rate: 9600
    2. Parity: None
    3. Data Bits: 8
    4. Stop Bits: 1
    5. Com Port: (I use com 1)
    6. Note if you use 4800 baud in menu 56 you have to have 2 stop bits (Page 112 of TS-2000 manual)
    7. Host Mode: KISS (Handshaking will be Greyed out)

    Select Setup alongside KISS and click TNC2 in the easy setup, then OK everything.

  • I am trying to get UI-View32 running only using the internet ?

    The quote below from the Message window help probably explains your problem, I would guess you are sending your pings and queries on port '1'. Note - what I have just written is a number '1', what is written in the quote below is a letter 'I'.

    One other point that seems to confuse some new APRS users - APRS is not a perfect communications system. The fact that you can see a station in your stations list does not necessarily mean you can communicate with it. So start off by pinging stations you know are directly connected to the internet, or you can convince yourself that you have a problem when you haven't.

    "The port on which to send the message. (Only relevant on multi-port systems). It will default to whatever port is configured as the default message port, which can be changed from the Options menu. If you are logged on to APRServe on the internet, then you can specify a port of 'I' for Internet. If you use port 'I', then the Digi field is disabled."

  • Can I use a WS2300/WS2310 weather station with UI-View ?

    Yes download UI-Weather, it acts as a kind of "go between" producing a text file from the heavyweather currdat.lst that UI-View WX setup can then be pointed towards.

    1. Download and install the beta version of heavyweather from http://www.heavyweather.info, the bundled software that came with the weather station won't work.

    2. Download and install UI-Weather from this site

    3. In the UI-Weather setup dialogue select the tick box that says "enable" in the ws-2300 section.

    4. In UI-View, go to setup -> WX station setup, and where is "WX Data file" make sure it points to the wx.txt file in the UI-Weather directory, mine looks like "C:\Program Files\UI-Weather\wx.txt"

  • I am connected to the Internet and unable to send messages ?

    Make sure in the message windows you put port I (eye) not 1. Also make sure you have entered your APRS Server validation number in Setup -> APRS Server Setup

  • I have a problem with a mix of mph and km ?

    Click Stations, and then click km/miles in the bottom of the stations window.

  • All messages are displayed as N ?

    Make sure you have the "Unproto address" set to something sensible. In Setup, Station Setup. Port should be (usualy) left at 1 (one) And "Unproto Address" to at least "APRS", even for Internet use. For fixed station (RF) use, I believe an unproto address of "APRS,WIDE2-2" should be enough. Others may wish to comment, it depends a lot on how the rest of the network arround you is configured and used, ask others local to you about the best unproto address or path to use...

    For Internet use, make sure you can connect and login to one of the APRS-IS servers, you will need your validation number that you got when registering Ui-View for that.

    If that is all OK.. In Messages, Setup, Default Message Port. For Internet use, set that to I (letter I) For RF use, select the port number that matches the one that has the TNC on, where you wish to send to, or for single TNC/radio use, set to 1 (one).

    Note, that if you use the internet as a transport, when you call up the messaging dialog, the default port is still shown as 1 (one) But will change to I (letter i) when you start to enter a message.

    Remember to use the callsign and ssid of the station you wish to send to. Then it should all work.

    Also note, with RF use, it is quite normal for you to never get an Ack back at times, but the message still gets through. For Internet use, the Ack is usualy within a few seconds at most, if the other station is also connected and operational

  • How to Send RF Packets to Internet without receiving all the Internet Traffic

    Send a filter to the APRS server Setup -> APRS Server Setup in Extra Logon Text, enter "filter m/5" (without the quotation marks)

    That filter will give you only packets from stations nearer to yourself than 5 km (about 3 miles).

  • Does anyone know how to get an update on the APRS server list ?

    Click on File then Download APRS Server List. Make sure that france.aprs2.net/APRServe2.txt is in the http window then click download.