This page contains a collection of frequently asked questions and answers taken (mostly) from the software support group

  • Connection is forcefully rejected ?

    If the message was "Connection is forcefully rejected", then that means one of the following -

    1. AGWPE isn't running.
    2. AGWPE doesn't have the Winsock interface enabled.
    3. Whatever you have put in AGWPE Setup in UI-View32 is incorrect.
    4. You have a firewall that is blocking connections to localhost.

    All the above are easy to check.

  • Network Subsystem Failed ?

    IF you haven't got the TCP/IP protocol installed in Windows. If, for some reason (and I can't think of one!), you do not wish to install the TCP/IP protocol, then the only solution is to use UI-View(16), and select DDE mode in Comms Setup, AGWPE Setup