Addon UI-View and UI-View32

Addon's which can be used with UI-View32

  • UI-Weather

    UI-Weather can retrieve data from the following:

    1. UI-View32
    2. WS-2300/WS-2310/WS-2315 HeavyWeather (Beta V2.0.0) software
    3. Import from

    This software can run without UI-View32 being installed


    1. Captures weather data from APRS via UI-View32 or from WS2300
    2. Imports from WS2300 and
    3. FTP Main screen to your website or copy to UNC location
    4. Double Click to zoom in on a graph
    5. Favorites list for quick selection
    6. Display raw weather Data with min (blue) and max (red) highlighted
    7. Supports Farenheit/Centigrade Mph/Km unit selection
    8. Sounds an Alarm's when an extreme weather event occurs and/or logs to a file
    9. Built in maintenance of weather data files
    10. Auto minimises to systray if required
    11. Creates wx.txt file from WS2300 data for UI-View to allow your weather data to be transmitted on APRS
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    • uiweather2
    • uiweather3