• Introduction

    Roger Barker - G4IDE, sk first suggested the idea and the implementation of sending APRS data over PSK.

    Since that point PropNet and more recently HF Portable Group/APRPack (APRS + HFPack) have further developed the idea

  • PSK31

    Roger's prototype application worked like an APRS IGATE server and would send and receive data from PSK31 and interface to UI-View and WinAPRS via a standard IGATE telnet interface.

  • PropNet

    PropNet was formed to establish a worldwide propagation monitoring system using PSK31 and APRS.

    They originally started out with Roger's software and as there system developed new software was written to take in additional features that where required.

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  • HFPack/APRPack and PSK63

    The HFPack Group loves to operate with backpack portable, mobile, and picnic table portable gear on HF

    The APRPack Group had adopted Roger's PSK TCP/IP server software for use by there own group in the field when on HF.

    To make it work with improved speed, WB6MLC added the PSK63CORE.dll to allow it to run at double speed for sending posits and messages

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  • Frequencies


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    APRPack Data Frequencies

    1. 7.065 Mhz USB
    2. 14.109.5 Mhz USB
    3. 10.146 Mhz USB