MB7UUI Internet Gateway

MB7UUI Telford's APRS Internet Gateway

  • UI-NetActive

    MB7UUI is now running UI-NetActive this addon to UI-View monitors the InterNet stream picking out those stations which are currently exchanging messages. The callsigns of these stations are transmited in the comment field of an object called NETACTIVE

    You can send messages to these stations in the normal way (remember to tick the APRS box in the message window). Because they are active you stand a good chance of a reply.

    Netactive lists the most recently heard stations exchaging messages. If you wish to be given priority on this list (be put at the front of the callsign list) simply send a message to the callsign of CQ.

    You can identify those station calling CQ because in the comment text of the NETACTIVE object it will say CQ:CALLSIGN

  • Experimentation

    After much experimentation and monitoring useage and useful. I have come to the conclusion the best use for the IGATE is to be passive. My objective is now to give worldwide links for message passing. From my observation gating beacons from the net to RF only blocks up the channel and reduces the ability to spot RF DX stations, which is a shame.

    MB7UUI Works In The Following Way:-

    1. Gating RF to Net (Beacons, Messages, Objects)
    2. Gating Net to RF (Messages destined for a local stations)
    3. IGATE Unproto is set to APRS,WIDE2-2. Messages from the InterNet are sent to the local station via this default unproto
  • Accessing and Using IGATE's

    IMPORTANT: The IGATE must have heard a beacon from you on RF before you can use the IGATE. The reason is without a beacon the IGATE dosen't know you are within it's reach via RF

    When Sending Message Make Sure you tick APRS in the message box otherwise it dosen't work. You can send email by sending a APRS message to the callsign of EMAIL In the text of the message specify the e-mail address to send to then a short message. For example apritch@lineone.net some text

    To be picked up by an IGATE NO special unprotos are required if an IGATE hears your beacon from say (APRS,RELAY or APRS,WIDE3-3 etc) you will be automatically gated onto the internet.

    Also note UI-View style commands like pings do not get gated through IGATE's. Instead you can use APRS style commands like:

    • ?PING? (Can I contact a station)
    • ?VER? (What software is the station running)
    • ?APRSD? (What can the station hear direct)
  • And Finally...

    Gating stations back to RF can only ever be a subset of all the stations I can hear due to there being 5000+ stations on a normal day in the InterNet stream.