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  • UK MB7 APRS Callsign Register

    The following is a list of all known licensed MB7 APRS callsigns. If you have any additions or updates please e-mail me with the details, so I can keep this list up to date.

  • Callsign Status Owner Freq Location Comment
    MB7BG Active ??? 144.800 Lesmahagow  
    MB7DS Active G7NPW 144.800 Derby  
    MB7IP Active G7PFT 144.800 Bradley  
    MB7PI Active M0ZPU 144.800 Barkway  
    MB7TN Active G0LGJ 144.800 Central Norfolk  
    MB7UA Active G0MBA 144.800 Point Clear,Essex  
    MB7UAA (sk) G4IDE 144.800 Boston Lincolnshire  
    MB7UAB Inactive ??? 144.800 Scotland  
    MB7UAH Active GM7GDE 144.800 East Kilbride  
    MB7UAN Inactive G0AMO 144.800 Andover Hampshire  
    MB7UAY Inactive GM0JQE 144.800 Irvine Ayrshire  
    MB7UB Active G4KVI 144.800 Bath  
    MB7UBI Active G1DHB 144.800 Billericay  
    MB7UBN Active G4HYG 144.800 Bolton  
    MB7UBP Active M0BPQ 144.800 Winchmore Hill  
    MB7UBX Inactive M1AGN 144.800 Buxton Derbyshire  
    MB7UBY Inactive WFRG 144.800 Bewdley  
    MB7UC Active G4GVZ 144.800 Cleeve Hill  
    MB7UCF Inactive M0PZT 144.800 50.990 433.800 Chelmsford Essex  
    MB7UCM Active MM1PTT 144.800 North Glasgow  
    MB7UCT Inactive G6IBQ 144.800 Chesterfield  
    MB7UCV Pending G7III 144.800 Coventry  
    MB7UCW Active G7OMN 144.800 Crewe  
    MB7UD Active MM1BJP 144.800 Dumbarton  
    MB7UDI Inactive G0RDI 144.800 Amersham  
    MB7UDK Active M0XDK 144.800 Northhampton  
    MB7UDM Active GM7GDE 144.800 Dumbarton  
    MB7UDP Inactive G4KWT 144.800 Woodley Berkshire  
    MB7UEK Active G4MKI 144.800 Herne Bay Kent  
    MB7UEW Active G0BUX 144.800 Heathfield  
    MB7UEY Inactive G4EJP 144.800 Beverley E.Yorkshire  
    MB7UF Active M1PRO 144.800 Southall, Middlesex  
    MB7UFC Active M1ACJ 144.800 Wesham, Preston Lancs  
    MB7UFF Inactive G7UFF 144.800 Harlow Essex  
    MB7UFO Active G7VJA 144.800 50.990 Hartland N.Devon  
    MB7UG Active G7GMN 144.800 Alton,Hampshire  
    MB7UGU Inactive GU7DHI 144.800 St Peters Port Guernsey 
    MB7UH Active G6NHU 144.800 Colchester  
    MB7UHH Inactive M0SCS 144.800 Hemel Hempstead  
    MB7UHN Active ??? 144.800 NW Norfolk  
    MB7UHR Inactive G7PKF 144.800 Houghton Regis(Luton)  
    MB7UHU Active 2E1ICB 144.800 Nafferton nr Driffield  
    MB7UHW Inactive ??? 144.800 Hawick, Scottish Borders  
    MB7UI Inactive G4KMJ 144.800 Hastings  
    MB7UIA Inactive G0FSM 144.800 Rugeley Staffordshire  
    MB7UIH Inactive G0VRM 144.800 Hessle E.Yorkshire  
    MB7UIJ Inactive M0CJY 144.800 Rotherham S.Yorkshire  
    MB7UIK Active G4ZXI 144.800 Headcorn Kent  
    MB7UIM Inactive M1BJS 144.800 Ditton Aylesford  
    MB7UIP Inactive G4MDP 144.800 Worthing W.Sussex  
    MB7UIV Active G6NHU 144.800 Clacton on Sea Essex  
    MB7UJ Active G4HLF 144.800 Bracknell  
    MB7UJD Active ??? 144.800 NE Norfolk  
    MB7UJI Inactive G4NJI 144.800 Rotherham S.Yorkshire  
    MB7UK Active G4ZXI 144.800 Sutton Valence  
    MB7UKL Inactive G4RKN 144.800 West Winch  
    MB7UKS Active ??? 144.800 S Norfolk  
    MB7UL Active M0IRK 144.800 Shipley  
    MB7ULH Active M1DRK 144.800 East Hull  
    MB7ULT Inactive Not 144.800 LittleHampton  
    MB7UM Active M0ZPU 144.800 Madingley  
    MB7UMD Active M0OZH 144.800 Canterbury  
    MB7UN Active M0ADH 144.800 Sheffield  
    MB7UNB Active ??? 144.800 Norfolk Broads  
    MB7UNB Active G7PQF 144.800 Little Plumstead  
    MB7UND Active 2E0HVZ 144.800 N.Devon Coast  
    MB7UNG Inactive M1FGS 144.800 Long Eaton Nottingham  
    MB7UNH Inactive G8SZG 144.800 Paversham Bedfordshire 
    MB7UNI Inactive M0DQS 144.800 Stoke-on-Trent  
    MB7UNN Active G8SAU 144.800 Sheringham  
    MB7UNR Inactive G0LGJ 144.800 East Dereham  
    MB7UOD Active G7UOD 144.800 Willen Park Milton Keynes 
    MB7UP Active G4EFB 144.800 Portsmouth  
    MB7UPC Active G0NSK 144.800 Sunderland Tyne & Wear 
    MB7UPG Inactive G0TRT 144.800 Ipswich Suffolk  
    MB7UPL Inactive GIGRB 144.800 Plymouth  
    MB7UQ Active ??? 144.800 Cambret Hill, Dumfries  
    MB7UR Active G0BEQ 144.800 Nr.Swindon  
    MB7URP Active ??? 144.800 Norwich  
    MB7URX Active G4IRX 144.800 Nottingham  
    MB7US Active G4GVZ 144.800 Chepstow  
    MB7USA (sk) G6VS 144.800 50.990 433.800Widnes Cheshire 
    MB7USH Active M0ADH 144.800 Sheffield S.Yorkshire  
    MB7USK Active M1CMN 144.800 Folkestone Kent  
    MB7USS Active G7JRV 144.800 Washington, Sussex  
    MB7UST Inactive M0AQM 144.800 Stockport  
    MB7USW Inactive M1ERS 144.800 Sheffield S.Yorkshire  
    MB7USX Inactive G8HQJ 144.800 North Sussex  
    MB7USY Active G3ZIY 144.800 ???  
    MB7UT Active M0CYP 144.800 Telford, Shropshire  
    MB7UTG Active ??? 144.800 North East Cambridgeshire 
    MB7UTI Active G1DST 144.800 Sandwich Kent  
    MB7UTK Inactive GM0HKA 144.800 Cardcross  
    MB7UTW Inactive G8UXX 144.800 50.990Tamworth Staffordshire 
    MB7UUE Active G3RJI 144.800 Upminster  
    MB7UUI Inactive M0CYP 144.800 Telford, Shropshire  
    MB7UUL Inactive MM1BJP 144.800 ???  
    MB7UV Active M0DCM 144.800 Dudley  
    MB7UVT Active M5GWH 144.800 Stoke  
    MB7UW Active ??? 144.800 Winchester  
    MB7UWB Active G4SJP 144.800 Barnstaple  
    MB7UWC Active ??? 144.800 Warrington  
    MB7UWE Inactive G6TJZ 144.800 Bristol Avon  
    MB7UWF Inactive M1AJG 144.800 Wakefield W.Yorshire  
    MB7UWK Inactive M1EUY 144.800 Knaphill Surrey  
    MB7UWL Inactive G0KLX 144.800 Northolt W.London  
    MB7UWM Active M1DOZ 144.800 433.800Wickford Essex  
    MB7UWN Active G7HIF 144.800 Wellingborough  
    MB7UX Inactive G4MSF 144.800 Gateshead  
    MB7UXB Inactive M0RDC 144.800 Fazakerley,Liverpool  
    MB7UXN Active G0JXN 14.103 Cheshunt  
    MB7UXS Inactive GW0TXS 144.800 Swansea  
    MB7UXX Active G4MSF 144.800 Gateshead Tyne & Wear 
    MB7UYL Active G8PZT 144.800 Kidderminster Worcs  
    MB7UZI Inactive M0EEG 144.800 Sandbach  
    MB7UZP Active G1ZPU 144.800 Sutton Bedfordshire  
    MB7UZS Inactive M0GZS 144.800 Southport