APRS UK Network

Focusing on the development of the APRS network in the UK

  • GB3DC and MB7DS - Derby

    GB3DC (145.6875 and 144.800 MHz) now supports MIC-E APRS position reports which are being gated to the internet

    As well as this MB7DS is due to be located at the Swarkestone Sailing club where it will provide local digi coverage and a weather station feed from an Ultimeter 2100 Weather station

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  • MB7Ux Digipeater Overlay for UI-View32

    Download to C:\Program Files\Peak Systems\UI-View32\OVERLAYS

  • MB7UT 24/7 Digipeater, IO82SQ

    MB7UT Serves North Shropshire, England, UK Coverage Map

    The setup consists of a TH-D7E connected to a PC running DIGI_NED. The digipeater supports WIDEn-n Tiny Web Pages implementation Commands: ?APRSD,?PING etc

    Location is in the centre of Telford

  • MB7UPC InterNet Gateway

    Details from Paul Unwin G4HDS

    MB7UPC was constructed by members of the Peterlee Radio Club, Its the ever faithful Tait 2 meter rig !! with homebrew BSX board currently running V 1.9 uidigi (beta), Due to the good site which the club building and thus MB7UPC reside, we operate with a 4 watt max pwr limit, The ant is a white stick approx 60 foot up the club mast, Coverage is nearly from the Scottish borders down to Teeside...But it is specifically aimed at the east coast staions .

    Mobiles travelling north via the M1 or A19 will be able to use MB7UPC without problem. Our link into the internet is provided by Keith at MB7UXX....