Updated 20/03/2010 23:20:55

DX Stats [ Min 0 - Max 0 - Avg 0 Miles ]

  • DX List from UI-View DX Beacons

    CallsignDX Broadcast
  • Stations Heard Direct

    CallsignDistanceHeard Direct
    MB7UUI0.00On 20/03/2010 At 23:18
    MB7UUI-61.40On 20/03/2010 At 23:18
  • Heard Direct Transmission Table

    MB7UUI-6          14444444444442
  • Heard Direct Legend

    Normal DX Moderate DX Strong DX

    Note a DX station will revert back to 'normal' if not heard direct within the last 2 hours

    This information can be used to identify changes in radio propagation. It's sensitive enough to monitor not only tropospheric enhancment/ducting but also sporadic e.